Welcome to my Website

I'm Natalee Arteaga. leica

This site is constantly under construction. If something doesn't work or is broken I'm probably already trying to fix it. Feel free to peruse the rest of the site or drop me a line.

Change is the only constant, so feel free to check back often to see what I'm working on (or what's working).

Currently, as of February 2019, my priorities are set to:

  1. Enough alone time for myself.
  2. Investing in relationships that are good for me.
  3. Movies, Businesses, the Social Club, and Saving the World.

February 25th, 2019 Update:

  • AIT Training will change from writing a screenplay to Intuition Study
  • Member-Elect Forms are changed from being completed at the start of AIT training to being an application for membership after the free AIT training 

Who is Natalee Arteaga?

Some know me as a SAG-AFTRA film and television actress.


Some know me as the creator of an integrity-based social club of exalted artists and other supportive folk who care about uplifting humanity and doing their part to Save the World.

The Arteagan

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Some know me as a prolific screenwriter.

Some know me as a funny, delightful, and entertaining hostess who cooks, cleans, and bakes with kindness and sincerity.


Some know me as an accidental fire-starter.



For friendship, business, or otherwise, welcome to Natalee Arteaga.