Model Shot

Hello lovelies!!

Today was a modeling day, but a special one as I was hired to shoot guns to my hearts content.


Getting paid to pull triggers definitely sweetened the experience, it did feel like getting free candy not having to pay for ammo 😎. My favorite was the AR-57 😍. I had never tested it and was nervous about the recoil as I’d only shot a .22 rifle before. (I’m only 110 lbs. and I’ve seen many a youtube-video of lighter women getting their asses kicked by their own gun BTW I don’t need to try to shoot a Desert Eagle…).

However, after the first shot and I saw it wasn’t bad at all– AT ALL! I had so much fun the last of the magazine emptied itself pretty quickly. It’s always like that shooting, you turn around and you’re out of ammo already!

We also shot semi-automatics, revolvers, and shotguns. I wasn’t too crazy about the glock at first. Trying to hold it correctly didn’t fit well with my Nosferatu hand, only after I wrapped my left around and adjusted it some more did it finally “click” into place. It took a bit of warming up for my aim to get closer to what it used to be and longer to get used to the glock 9mm. My best aim the fastest was with the rifle.

It was always sort of a pain after moving from Chicago to the suburb back into the city after living in a northwest suburb for a few stray years, where there was a gun range blocks from my house. City of Chicago wasn’t quite gun-friendly to law abiding citizens at the time I was very enthusiastic about owning, practicing, and carrying. Criminals, however, are very well armed –even if they don’t know how to use them correctly and harm more innocent people because of that. There’s a long and very emotionally charged political history of gun laws in Chicago, and it’s not something I’m terribly interested in regurgitating and explaining here, on my brand-spankin’ new website.

Regardless of where you stand on gun control, I agree with you that they are tools for doing harm and they were in fact created to such deviant purposes. I have no delusions on that.

Aside from being ballistically inclined, I get something else out of the experience. Like other enthusiasts, I’m magnetized to the adrenaline, confidence, and sheer gear-geekery of it. I derive similar satisfaction from assessing camera bodies, lenses, and other large and small machinery ( I like learning how things work, I like things that have lots of moving parts, I like mechanisms, I like steel, I like gun powder, I like chain-reactions, I’m passionate about structures and building and utility). The bigger part of it, for me, is about the private quietness when I’m aiming and I’m in my own mind and focused. Steadying myself and literally setting my sights on something, then pulling the trigger – just about surprising myself when it fires (Our instructor told me it should come as a surprise: the context is that my aiming was off because I was anticipating the recoil and pushing the gun down unknowingly. When I applied his advice, voila!)

…and in a split-second all that focus is shattered into pieces of attention going in a million different directions… It sort of feels like I’m clearing the electrical static in my mind –and it feels good!

I’m so happy to have had another go at an almost long-forgotten pleasure, and I’m excited to revisit the fun in the future. There’s so much left I haven’t even explored!

All the models on set had either prior gun experience like myself or were professional stunt performers (what an awesome and cool job!) It was a fantastic time and probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a modeling gig.

The ultra-chic atmospheres (complete with complementary mimosas that I pass on, I have ultra-strict rules about alcohol in life which are even more so while working) on some shoots are fun and all, especially when I’m in a glammy mood and pretend I’m Carrie Bradshaw, but it’s also great to balance it out with gun powder, part introversion/part scrappy camaraderie, ruggedness, and good humor as well. ☺️


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