Congratulations, Oscar Winners!

Heartfelt congratulations to ALL the winners and nominees last night at the 88th Oscars!


I want to especially congratulate Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees who are the director and producer behind the phenomenal documentary feature, “Amy”. You two won the Oscar, the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature (wow!!) and it was SO incredibly well deserved!! I wasn’t completely sure you two would take it because of the wonderful and honorable competition, but I was of course rooting for you, and rooting for “Amy”.


Asif, you took a beautiful artist and gave her due justice, you gave Amy back to us and I’m so happy you’ve been recognized for your hard work.

James, you gave me my first producing advice after the advance screening of ‘Amy’ in Chicago. Thank you! I took it to heart and have been on the grind ever since. Congratulations to you James, I know it’s been a long time coming and along with your beautiful statue, you’ll have the beautiful work that remains –and so will we!!

Asif and James, looking forward to what you bring to us in the future.

Happy Happy Congratulations to A24 Films and  On The Corner , very well done!!

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