Auditioning Rituals: Makeup & Thrifting

Greetings Lads & Ladies,

Don’t let this stern and severe image freak you out (Or stare if you like that kind of thing), this is my audition makeup-capture.

Audition Ritual: Makeup-Capturing

For each audition I take a well-lit photograph of my makeup, so that if I get a call-back (where the client would like to see me again), I’ll know which “eye” I did, which palettes I used (For this I used Urban Decay’s Naked Palette), if I went with a bold or subdued lip, if they’re lined, and how I winged out my eyeliner. The hilarious thing about this photo is that I actually thought I was smiling when I took it. You see that little crinkle on the right side that makes an indent in my lower cheek? That’s my smile!


This happens a lot. My resting bitch-face is pretty fierce. Which is a shame, because while people think I’m angry, upset, sad or just snooty I’m actually just thinking and enjoying my own company and being in my own mind. Anyways, the point is, taking pictures to remember which makeup I did for which audition is part of the organization of my film/tv acting business.


I also try to get a picture of my outfit so I remember what I wore incase I need it for the callback. This gets tricky and because so, I forget or just neglect to do it for many auditions. Pictured below is me at O’Connor Casting holding the reference photo. Did I mention I absolutely love this blue shift? I tried to take lots of pictures of me in it because I wear it so rarely. I wish I could’ve found my little white gloves to wear with it, it would’ve been perfect!


Keeping photo records is immensely helpful.

An investment in organization is an investment in yourself.

I forget where I read that, but I think of it often and it motivates me to stay disciplined. Not to mention, it ALWAYS comes in handy when I get the call that I’m going back for a second audition (or a “call-back”), *then I’m able to replicate exactly what they liked visually for the next round.

*Not all actors do this, or think you should wear exactly what you wore for your first audition. I really think it comes down to a matter of personal preference and subjective practicality. For me, it makes sense, and I’ve never received negative feedback for doing it.

Post-Audition Ritual: O’Connor Casting

I usually don’t have an audition ritual for O’Connors because I frequent that casting office quite a bit which would equal a stomach-achingly-high amount of donuts and/or sweets post-audition!


However, recently I had met up with a friend (Cindy, obviously) and we went thrifting after one of my auditions and it was a lot of fun. So, maybe it’s a ritual in the making! I ended up buying both outfits you see here, the pleather skirt was $7.50, the striped top $10, and the adorable print dress a whopping $12!! Score!!

Lastly, I switched to a new face primer and I’m *loving* it! I can add my voice to those that already highly recommend the Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer by Smashbox, especially if you have a naturally oily T-zone or large pores like I do. This stuff works well, lasts long, and looks great on-camera.

Take care of yourself, lovelies! Till next time!


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