Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice | Natalee’s Notions

I’d been planning to begin filming a video series called “Natalee’s Notions”, where I speak on a variety of subjectively interesting topics and share insights, intelligence, perspective, and anecdotal evidence of my rightness, for quite some time. So, rather timely this past week, I discovered that my IMDB was updated to reflect some work I had done a few years ago on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

What a perfect first topic for my first episode! Acting!

In this episode I reference Green Shirt Studio, where I really sharpened my acting chops and was the recipient of incredible value from their stellar instructors and studio owners, Sommer Austin and Andrew Gallant. I recommend their Meisner Technique classes to any actor at every level. You’d have to be a real dunce not to derive some value from their tutelage.

Remember, there are no small parts –only small actors!

Sometimes you’re the principal and sometimes you’re the featured background. What I personally care about is that I’m contributing in whatever way the project could use me to my fullest potential, that I’m on set with other creative people, and to be a working part that contributes to a larger more beautiful whole. That’s how actors need to support each other.

Being hired to act in a superhero film (with lines or without) in my native Chicago, personally costume-designed by Michael Wilkinson (Oscar-nominated for Best Achievement in Costume Design for American Hustle) and under the direction of Zack Snyder has been an absolutely sparkling, stellar highlight of my career thus far.

Being that the actual shoot took place a few years ago, it certainly put me in a retrospective mood, which heavily colors the first episode as I caper us through my history as an actress. A long, old, art of mine, acting is. I love being young and already having a decade+ career that I’ve dedicated myself to despite the highest probabilities of leanness in both work and monies. To have something that has driven my  passions through all else I could almost consider a wild, random blessing.

But that’s not my bag.

I chose to be an actress. I choose this life each day, and each day I assume 100% responsibility for it, and behave accordingly. 



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