Sumner Redstone is an American business man and media mogul, owning the National Amusement theater chain as well as CBS, Paramount Pictures, and Viacom (MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, BET to name a few).

This video explains a critical moment in the life of one of the (last?) great American industrialists as his mental competency is being challenged in a court of law by ex-girlfriend and former health care directive agent, Manuela Herzer. This is happening, like… Now! So hop on to get caught up and watch it all unfold!

Between the ex-girlfriend, the formerly-estranged daughter Shari Redstone, and favorite protege and confidant of 30 years Philippe Dauman, the battles have only begun for the 92-year old billionaire (himself appraised by Forbes to be worth 5 Billion in his own right) in the fight for control of the 40 Billion dollar media empire he spent his entire life building.

I’ll be further updating and contextualizing on this exciting development. So, stay tuned!

Take care babes, muah! :*


One thought on “NN E3: SUMNER REDSTONE

  1. Carol says:

    Very interesting. It could drag on until his death, which is anyone’s guess. The stress of all this will tax his health even more. Rarely does one life affect so many others.


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