View from A Top

I feel especially reflective, grazing in the fields of the last year. Slowly and safely upturning new blades of grassy insight, shielded from the pressures and judgements that were locking me down in mind and spirit at the time.

I packed many little lives (therefore, diverse lessons) into such a small amount of time: I was a monk, master, photojournalist, actress, film producer, entrepreneur, traveler, instructor, style maven, screenwriter, and most of all, a very deep thinker, feeler, and communicator.

While no pain has been lost on me (I take no experience or suffering for granted) I find my caprine self discovering new value in them from this view… from today’s craggy mountain.

It’s a calmly arousing perspective: quiet, serene, and at the same time mentally thrilling. Almost as if new sunlight each day reveals more and more detail of the past, the rays somehow stimulating their golden values to rise to the surface of my attention…having been there all along.
Safe on my rocky perch, I can warm myself in the sunny glow of earned experience, with my eyes darkened by the shade of clever, hardened awareness and resourcefulness.

The wind whistles a sharp and knowing tune, hints of what airy turbulences are yet to come… Its eery melody a forewarning of the importance of groundedness.
The sun begins to cross the apex of my mountain, already taking much of my life with it as it starts its descent into darkness.
But lo… It’s alright, this goat doesn’t fear the night. This sure-footed mountain nanny knows she has a friend in the moon.

With a sharpening of my horns on some nearby brush, I ready myself for my next leaps and bounds and climbs from my modestly-sized mountain to the next, larger mountain ahead of me.

Only this time, through a new and different alpine trek, I’ll see a beauty unknown to me but that’s promised to be shone by moonlight. For what’s a goat girl to do without something to climb, new terrain and skills to learn, a long journeys view to enjoy, and a lofty, idealistic, pinnacle to mount?

I satiate my desires in every moment along the way. Some strengths must mature in the dark, and this wise hooved woman knows better now. 


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