NN E:4 How to Support a Freedom Fighter

I hope you’ll enjoy and think deeply on this episode of Natalee’s Notions. It’s titled, ‘How to Support a Freedom Fighter’, but it’s really a way  for me to publicly support (and hopefully garner more support for) an old friend of mine, Jeremy. There was a bit of push and pull for me making this: I wanted to humanize him to anyone who cared to do some research on this “hacker”, but I also wanted to present him with enough information so as to be honest and thoughtfully equanimous. Not quite sure how I did… if it’s too personal or not nearly personal enough.

Either way, friend or not, he’s someone who is going through real pain, punishment that he walked into knowingly, in order for us to benefit from the (thanks to him) now exposed ‘secret’ information about our governments acting against us.

Join me in supporting Jeremy and others of his rank for acting on their convictions for the benefit of the masses.

Please consider donating to his defense team or reaching out with a letter telling him thank you and supporting him.


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