Chicago Stunt & Safety Committee Meeting Tonight!

Chicago SAG-AFTRA members in good standing,

Join me tonight at 6:30pm, 1 E. Erie at the KMRC for the first Stunt and Safety Committee meeting in Chicago in decades!

After a humbling and innocent fumbling of appointing chairs in October, the president, board, and members are all moving forward to meet tonight to nominate recommendations to chair and co-chair to the president and draft a mission statement.

If you care about stunt work, sexual harassment, any kind of harassment on set, women, minors, or would like to listen on the conversation, please join us! Your voice is welcome, it’s member participation that powers and directs this great union every single day.

I reached out for inspiring words and luckily have some to share. Please read a message from world-renowned stuntman Ron Balicki!!

Hi Natalee, Thank for the letter.

To the Chicago Stunt and Safety Committee, I am so happy for organization like the CSSC. We as stunt actors need all the support possible when it comes to set safety. With all the pressures that are put on our shoulders to make filming day quotes we are often asked to cut corners and ultimately safety. Organizations that are advocates not only to stunt professionals but all cast and crew on the set is of great importance.

Best Wishes and thank you for fulfilling a great need in the film world today.

Ron Balicki

Thanks to everyone coming, I’m excited to meet/see you soon!


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