Update from the Mountain

Hey Babes!!

I’m happily writing and working hard from the road to bring you the fullest digital expression of my creative Self as possible. Imagining futures, recalling memories, reading, traveling, philosophizing, writing it all down– and snacking constantly, I’ve made incredible leaps in understanding regarding my own personal Art of Living.
I will of course share my insights and humor on such things; there’s a considerable amount of additional work I’m very proud to show you when the time comes.

Right now I’m traveling for relationships: investing my time and energy visiting with old family, new family, old friends, new friends, good friends, far friends, while checking in with my business partners making sure we all get enough quality face time, and lastly meeting new people and building new relationships.

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I write constantly, manage my finance portfolio from the road, and take bigger life decisions into deep consideration while traveling between everyone. It’s been the breather I need after excitedly coming off of a substantial writing project. I need to organize all my thoughts and news and projects so I can share it fully with you, and I am so looking forward to it!  I’ll still be traveling for the rest of the summer and early Fall before settling down at my place, so check back mid-August for the next level of this website to enjoy everything along with me, in step!


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