12 Spec Script Deal Favorites of 2017

There were 61 spec script deals last year as reported by blcklst.

I read them. These below are my 12 personal favorites! I’ve written a comment under each one as noted by the bullets.

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Logline: A schizophrenic discovers his hallucinations are actually memories of past lives that he can access as well as the skills he possessed in those time periods. Writer: Ian Shorr Genre: Science Fiction Agency: UTA Management: Bellevue Productions Buyer: Paramount Pictures Date: 3/15/17 Notes: The spec is based on The Reincarnationist Papers, an unpublished novel by D. Eric Maikranz.

  • Schizophrenics! Past Lives! Love it.


Body Cam 

Logline: Several LAPD officers are haunted by a malevolent spirit that is tied to the murder of a black youth at the hands of two white cops… all of which was caught on a body cam video that was destroyed in a cover up. Writer: Richmond Riedel Genre: Supernatural Action Management: Bellevue Producer: Brian Robbins Date: 3/31/17 Notes: Four outfits bidding. Mid-six figures. First-timer.

  • Highly original, I would love to see this on screen.


This is Jane 

Logline: A Chicago woman founds and maintains the underground abortion service “Jane,” a group of women who taught themselves how to perform abortions in the years before Roe V. Wade. Writer: Dan Loflin Genre: Historical Drama Agency: ESA Management:Heller Highwater Buyer: Amazon Studios Date: 5/6/17. Notes: Reported six-figure deal.

  • Chicago. Women. Abortions. History. What’s not to love!? This reads like it’s going to be one of my favorite historical dramas.



Logline: Described as being in the vein of Inception and Edge of TomorrowWriter: Karl Gajdusek Genre: Science Fiction Agency:Verve Management: Management 360 Buyer: 20th Century Fox Date:6/27/17. Notes: Gajdusek is executive producer of the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’.

  • One word that got me: INCEPTION O.o


Untitled Hill Project 

Logline: Described as a supernatural “Se7en” with a female lead. Writer: Brian Edward Hill Genre: Supernatural Horror Thriller Agency: ICM Partners Management: Heroes and Villians Entertainment Buyer: Voltage Pictures Date: 7/11/17. Notes: Preemptive purchase.

  • “Supernatural ‘Se7en’ with a female lead”, say no more! I’m on board.


Untitled Supernatural Thriller 

Logline: Has been described as being in the vein of What Lies Beneath Writer: Bragi F. Schut Genre:Supernatural Thriller Agency: Verve Management: Realm Management Buyer: Original Films Date: 8/22/17.

  • Anything “in the vein” of What Lies Beneath deserves a chance.


We Interrupt This Program 

Logline: The script explores the chaos of creative genius that resulted in the infamous radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, narrated and directed by Orson Welles before he made his directing debut on Citizen KaneWriter: Sean Sorensen Genre: Drama Management:ROAR Buyer: Echo Lake Productions Date: 9/18/17.

  • Creative genius + Orson Welles = “Yes” from Natalee.


Dorothy & Alice 

Logline: Haunted by nightmares of Oz’s impending destruction, Dorothy Gale finds herself in a home for others like her with troubling, vivid dreams. While she is there, she meets a mysterious girl, Alice — who involves her in a perilous quest to not only save the worlds of imagination — those which we come to realize are real and not just dreams — but the world as we know it. Writer: Justin Merz Genre: Fantasy Drama Agency: Paradigm Management: Gotham Group Buyer: Netflix Date:10/13/17. Note: Described as a “competitive bidding situation”.

  • This is so wonderfully creative and imaginative! I hope I hope I hope it makes it to screen!! Fingers are crossed.



Logline: True story about two families in 1979 who secretly build a homemade hot air balloon in their garage in a plan to escape over the Berlin Wall. Writer: Joe Ballarini Genre: Historical Drama Agency:Paradigm Buyer: 20th Century Fox Date: 1/26/2017

  • I’ll almost always go with anything having to do with the Berlin Wall <3



Logline: After a conspiracy to conquer England in which the love of her life Robin Hood dies before her eyes, Marian picks up the cause to lead her people into a pivotal war. She comes to power, charging into a battle that will not only decide the fate of the kingdom but will see her don the mantle of the man she loved. In the process, she rises as a legend herself. Writer: Pete Barry Genre: Action Drama Agency: Paradigm Management:Pannon Entertainment Buyer: Sony Pictures Entertainment Date: 3/6/17. Notes: First-timer. Preemptive purchase.

  • THIS is going to be SO badass!!! Built in audience, everyone rooting for Marian. Courage. Bravery. Friendship. Loyalty in Love and Death. Womanhood. (At least, I hope Pete Barry gets it right!)


Twin Blades 

Logline: Zoe, an American tech entrepreneur who relocates her company to China, and Maylin, a local female bodyguard hired to protect her struggle to coexist in their daily routine. When Zoe’s life is threatened, the two must put aside their differences and join forces to survive. Write: Ingrid Eskeland-Adetuyi Genre: Action Comedy Agency: APA Management: Zero Gravity Management Buyer: Cristal Pictures, The Donners’ Company Date: 3/13/17 Notes: First-time writer. Recent graduate of Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

  • I hope this is really funny. Like stitches in your side funny. If it is, it has potential to be a modern day buddy-comedy classic a la Coming to America meets Miss Congeniality.


The Best of Adam Sharp 

Logline: A man (Adam) on the cusp of fifty is restless as his marriage has gone stale. He can’t quite forget a romance he had twenty years ago with an intelligent and strong-willed woman named Angelina Brown who taught him what it meant to find — and then lose — love. Out of the blue, he gets a one word email from Angelina. He responds and his life takes a significant turn. Writer: Graeme Simsion Genre: Romantic Drama Agency: ICM Partners Buyer: Vocab Films Date: 5/23/17. Notes: This is an option deal.

  • Oh come on. You know I’m a hopeless romantic, right?