My Scorpio Love Letter

“I fucking love loving and love fucking Scorpios I fucking love.” ~ Natalee Arteaga



Scorpio is the only zodiac sign that never produces a superficial person. (I’ve always intuited this as a Capricorn female and that’s why we’re such naturally gravitated pals) You are individuals made complex through a lifetime of managing a reservoir of passion roiling beneath the surface of your consciousness at any given moment.

I have a new and even deeper appreciation for you as I write this today, sipping my coffee, wondering what your thoughts are on this and on that. Your insights are the hungriest, and you’re the only people I’ve ever met who can look me in the eye and hold that contact without ever looking away. I love this about you and I love that we can both communicate this way. It’s special, and it’s because you’re not afraid of anything: not even me. In fact, in you, I meet my match, and in me, you meet yours.

I admire your strength to carry on with all that suffering and knowing, to wear your masks so well that others wouldn’t dare challenge your quiet authority. What you decide to make of your pain, what determines your character, is defined by all three symbols of the Scorpio: The Scorpion, The Phoenix, and the Eagle. I have explicit compassion for the lower level scorpions whose souls have degraded to hatred, lies, pettiness, bigotry, ego, crime, and succumbing to the ease of manipulating the sheep around us. VERY few people know how to wield power judiciously, and that’s why we sense an inherent mutual respect between us, Scorpio. Capricorns have power/authority issues to work through too, so we also possess a sensitive awareness of the imbalance of power, misuse of authority, and karmic issues in controlling our own Selves throughout our lives. When a Capricorn or Scorpio walk into a room, this emanates and is sensed by others.

I love to indulge and breathlessly admire the higher evolved Eagle Scorpios who have crafted lives of unbreakable integrity with their pain, likely after many cycles of suffering where they were reborn in new wisdom and awareness after each scorching of their soul. The Eagle and Scorpion represent the two paths you choose from in life and the Phoenix represents the transformation that you go through to achieve it. { To Other Signs: Can you imagine living a life where you’re always in one of these three states? Does it sound exhausting? Why do you think Scorpios are nuclear power plants of energy? They have stamina, baby. }

Whether you manifest your intense powers for evil or for Goodness, the truth is that you bear the responsibility of making the choice to rise above the desire to create new pain, and to be honest with yourself about your difficulty in doing so.

People go their whole lives never touching a thought like that, but Scorpios deal with a subconscious intensity of this intuitive inner wrestling practically from birth. It manifests through personality and character in different ways, many times as a deep distrust of others, and it’s always fascinating for me to observe each individual for who they have chosen to be.

Whether they are older Scorpios or wise young ones, who they are showing you and as much of themselves as they are revealing, are very deliberate choices. So you should feel grateful whenever one of these special people have chosen to reveal anything about themselves with you or to you. When you’re someone they can be comfortable enough to be more, most, or all of themselves with, they truly glow with a luminous intensity that should only ever be protected, appreciated, nurtured, and respected, in privacy.

This poem is for you. To show you you’re not alone, there’s an introvert Capricorn screenwriter in Chicago who is offering digital comfort, LOL. Because the Good Scorpios, the Eagles of Integrity, you are my Superheroes. I don’t idolize celebrities or famous people. I idolize ideals that are close to my heart, and I know what their traits and expressions look like in others. Browsing through my past, it’s been you Eagle and Phoenix phase Scorpios who have inspired me to be my own personal greatest, and today I celebrate the beginning your new season of the next transformative epoch of your life. Happiest of happy birthdays to all Scorpios, I hope your gifts this year include peace and solace for an aching heart, resolution for a deep pain, swift removal of all toxicity, and plenty of self-multiplying love, wisdom, creativity, and happiness to fill all your empty cups till they runneth over.


Bad Days Stranger

I believe that, whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you… stranger

Though I didn’t exactly feel that way when my life was in danger

I grew stronger after defeat, failure, depression, and survival

But those obstacles changed me with each demise and revival

Trauma, abuse, and the grit I bit to remain

Living breath to breath to ease the pain

Whatever hasn’t killed me seared on me their stigmata

Bizarre seeing me, the scarred persona non grata

Pristine persons who try to interact encounter confusion

When I don’t behave predictably in expected collusion

To that person I am “strange”

To me I was meant to change

They say I’m unsettling and unusual

Blind to keloid beauty, original construal

What couldn’t kill me made me strange and left me with scars

Bad days taught me, you shouldn’t lust for deranging stars