Reforesting the Planet and Building Rivendell

Shubhendu Sharma is working to reforest the world and we need to help him. 
Sharma explains his standardized process for creating tiny biodiverse forests anywhere in the world using local biomass. His open-source website is built so that anyone can make their own forest using his methodology without needing to pay or use his company… at a cost less than an iPhone.


They can monitor the growth of forests and help people online making them. Finally, a pure example of DIY and technology coming together to create a better world, a sustainable and beautiful world.

Focus on building the future in the most beautiful ideal you can imagine.
For me it’s making movies, growing forests, and building Rivendell. Think about it, we can create an entirely new and creative infrastructure with solar panels, charging batteries, and completely eliminate carbon emissions.

I’m not waiting for politicians for permission (I never have) and neither should you. Just do it if you can, in any small way with whatever you have. Be creative, because otherwise the world is crafted from an image that may not serve the Greater Good….

Everyone wants to take creativity for granted, never realizing that everything you see and use was first imagined in someone’s mind or heart before it was manifested into being. Never realizing modern conveniences and liberties have only been gained on the backs and deaths of freedom fighters and geniuses who likely lived in poverty and died in disgrace, isolation, and loneliness.

Please, I implore you, use your creative faculty to imagine the ideal world you would love to be living in. STOP acquiescing (to accept something reluctantly but without protest) to the images, feelings, and negativity that’s propagated by the megalomaniacs on the world stage. You’re feeding their image of their ideal world, not creating your own or subscribing to help achieve someone else’s ideal you believe in.

This is at the heart of what Arteagan do: We create a just world in our own lives and reject what doesn’t fit, thereby attracting and creating and propagating a safer, better world for all of us to live in. You can start right now.