About Natalee Arteaga

Natalee Arteaga



I was born and raised in Chicago. My favorite bakeries are Webers, Vesekys, and Calumet.

I began earning money as a teenager at a camera shop; On three floors, I cleaned and spliced movie film, 16mm, Super 8, etc., sold camera bodies and camera lenses, processed and/or sent out film for C-41, 110/126, 120/220, B&W developing, and daydreamed about my future in film. I love to take pictures.

In my early to mid twenties, I went to Germany.

Today, I’m a writer who writes every day. I act occasionally on tv and in film. I travel.

I serve the labor movement in Chicago through my union board service. I love the work I do for SAG-AFTRA, and for the Chicago Federation of Labor, to whom I serve as a delegate.

I smoke cigarettes.

I’m an anarchist.