I'm a Chicago native, born on the northern site of the 1893 Columbian Exposition. A Capricorn with great friends, I call Illinois my home base (so far...).

I write every day, from wherever I'm enjoying coffee.

What I love most about being an entrepreneur is shape-shifting between laborer, manager, and visionary. The impulsive part of my personality loves being bold and taking risks. The other aspects find expression in the skills exemplified by those aforementioned descriptions. My eclectic energies find home in both creating and dealmaking.

However, I have more than enough passion for telling stories and enjoying business; Wilderness advocacy, environmental protections, and total liberation for all oppressed beings are the foundation of my deepest ideology and beliefs. I have a long, horrible past not worth detailing steeped in being bullied and abused; it has created an adult who overreacts at the slightest indication of unfairness, abuse of authority, and who has a hair-trigger adrenal gland hypersensitive to injustice. I spend a lot of time alone creating masterpieces as I prepare to take it to the world for the partners that will bring it to the masses.

I consider myself a female Übermensch who has overcome the brutality of a human lifetime to have realized my ultimate purpose and true destiny. My will has aligned with The Universal, and I look forward to working very hard for the rest of my life to use my superpowers to create a better life for you and your beautiful families.
In service,
The Artist Natalee