So, I’m an actress…

I’m a film/tv actress based in Chicago.

Film acting is my deep, cathartic passion.

It’s right there with writing and photography.

I’ve mostly aired in regional and national commercials and starred in art-house and short films.

Recently, I guest-starred on Chicago Fire under the direction of Karen Gaviola and worked with Zack Snyder on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


…and a writer…

I’ve always been a writer. Now, I’ve discovered I’m a damn good screenwriter.

I was a writer before I was anything else, so, I focused my energies into screenwriting and (finishing) screenplays. The idea was to sell them and try to include a role for myself as part of the deal. Funny thing was, the immense feeling of meaning I would feel after completing a screenplay. I felt wholly responsible for this product of love, hard work, and rigorous mental discipline. I couldn’t just sell them. And I didn’t. I’m holding them, hoarding them, for myself. That was my thought. To “save” them (for later?). I didn’t know at the time, just that I couldn’t in good faith relinquish these stories and characters to strangers, who may or may not see these projects to fruition, let alone in the way they were meant to be done! So, I sat on them for a few years, as I continued to daydream and write, write, write, write! I’ve got notebooks filled with ideas, tidbits, dialogue, arcs, events, plot-points, etc. Basically more ideas that need fleshing than I currently have time to write. But those are also “sitting”, and I know their time will come.


…and now, the next seed germinates.


Premier Film Production Company

“That’s you. That’s the truth.” – Martin Scorsese

It was a dark, winter’s day on the 8th of January in 2014. An inconsequential little day, that happened to be the anniversary of my birth; This was the day I read Martin Scorsese’s open letter to his daughter Francesca. It was this day, I knew I would incorporate my own film production company. I knew deep inside, I would use it as the vehicle to produce and publish my original screenplays, and perform for the global stage as a film actress. As his words segued from the page to my heart in uninterrupted and whimsical fashion, a deep intuitive feeling grounded my visions of constructing beautiful films I believe in and building relationships with other simpatico nonconformists . As I took in his words intravenously,

“I’m saying that the voice that sparks you is your voice – that’s the inner light”

I knew I had one massive piece of the puzzle, and also knew I lacked many smaller pieces. Instead of being frustrated not knowing what I’d have yet to learn, I enjoyed the enlightenment of knowing what the broader vision is. It’ll take at least a decade to grow, but it’s already begun, and little can stop it’s progress for long.

…Remember, remember, the fifth of November! When Celestial Cine began,
the birth of a reason at dawn of winter season
to celebrate moving pictures at hand!

On November 5th, 2015, I began!