*Casting SAG-AFTRA Actress in Chicago*

Help me cast! I'm looking for a Chicago SAG-AFTRA actress who: is 14-16 or could look that age Hispanic Bilingual in English & Spanish Please submit headshots and resumes to NataleeArteaga@gmail.com and put "GWC Submission" in the subject line. This is for a lead. Looking to finalize cast by end of December. Not sure if I … Continue reading *Casting SAG-AFTRA Actress in Chicago*


Chicago Stunt & Safety Committee Meeting Tonight!

Chicago SAG-AFTRA members in good standing, Join me tonight at 6:30pm, 1 E. Erie at the KMRC for the first Stunt and Safety Committee meeting in Chicago in decades! After a humbling and innocent fumbling of appointing chairs in October, the president, board, and members are all moving forward to meet tonight to nominate recommendations … Continue reading Chicago Stunt & Safety Committee Meeting Tonight!


It’s an historical fact that abuse of power has already occurred multiple times within American history. While even libertarian and classical liberal ideals were voted for and elected into power, the lights of liberty have still failed. It is the very “founding fathers” who have served as the progenitors of all the abuses of the executive branch today. The mechanism that perpetuates this widespread abuse, is voting.

To care or not to care, –is that even a question?

I’m one small example of one expression of an “activist”. What I am now challenging you to do, is live an expression that is your own... So, I encourage you, support you, and challenge you (whatever you respond to best!) to decide on ONE THING this week that you play “activist” for. Pretend you’re me, pretend you’re an actor. This week, you must research a role of an activist. So for an exercise, practice advocating one little thing you care about in your personal life, or opposing something you do not care for in your personal life. And take one small action for or against it.