Creative Strategy Services

ATTENTION: Currently working/writing and am not providing consultations. Please check back in 2019, thank you!!!

Here you can schedule a free 15 minute conversation regarding the creation, alteration, improvement, destruction, or rebuilding of an intellectual property or the solving of some difficult quagmire. Business, personal, or creative. This first intro is free to make sure we're a good fit.
Should we choose to move forward with a consultation, we'll set an appointment together. I charge $100 per hour-long appointment. The free 15 minute conversation is to help narrow and prioritize what needs creative problem solving so you get the best value.
Before the appt. I prepare a creative and innovative strategy, custom-tailored to your needs.
You'll walk away creatively charged, and armed with a tactically designed master plan of achievement.

It's that simple! πŸ™‚

Please Note: Make sure to have your birth information ready: Date, Location, Time.


Counsel, orchestration, and strategizing on existential incertitude, crime solving, missing persons, depression, obscure dilemma, and general malaise are charged extra at a premium price.

  *Please specify in the form at the bottom of this page if you require special attention and treatment or if you have been diagnosed with any and all medical conditions. This includes everything from diabetes to anxiety disorders.  


It is important to note what qualifies me for any sort of consultation services.

I am trustworthy of dispensing quality counsel through my experience as a professional writer, developing metaphysician, business owner, real estate investor, on-screen actor, futures trader, and because of my Midwestern common sense.

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