Letter to Actors


If you’re a card carrying SAG-AFTRA union member or are in the process of joining ranks with the largest most powerful performers union in the world, I am at your service as Director on the SAG-AFTRA Chicago Board.

I meet with other Directors, as well as our local Officers (President, Vice-President, etc.) in a monthly meeting where Chicago staff is present both to assist us in governance and administration as well as deliver reports on the state of industry and what our members are reporting and going through since the last meeting.

I, with the Board, ingest reports from the Chicago President, Vice-President, Executive Director, staff, and various committees where we then transact business, discuss events, issues that require voting action, the state of the union, and member concerns together.

Occasionally, I will personally deliver a report if I’ve chaired committee meetings, sat in as an alternate during a National meeting, or am reporting back after an event/protest/function/AFL-CIO meeting. Here, through voting action, communicating with staff and the Board, and innovating new ideas is where I strengthen the Chicago entertainment industry for performers.

As I also serve as a 1st National Board Member alternate (which means I would attend the same style of meeting except on a national level with the National Board populated with Directors that cumulatively represent our entire union membership) and Convention Delegate it is precisely within these rooms I make a difference from within. It’s here my elected voice speaks on your behalf, advocating for your best interest.

When you see me post information, news, or events online, or picket and protest in the streets, or involve myself on set when I observe contract violations against members, I am boots-on-the-ground serving you, our union, and working for our best interests.

I encourage you to email me directly at NataleeQuestions@gmail.com for any ideas, comments, information requests, questions, suggestions, and/or advice.

Stronger together,

Natalee Arteaga





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