The Millennial Presidents Manifesto (skinny version)

The original is approx. 1,700 words and I know your time is precious. So I’ve compiled the gist, the skinny manifesto, here. But before that I’m going to list the important issues that I want to tackle as president:

Right to Work (for LESS)

Climate Change

Performance Capture

Protecting our Film Tax Incentives

Unity in Membership

Heavy-handed recourse for Industry Harassment

Contract Enforcement & Contract Negotiating

External Organizing



Here’s the super skinny!

Our Legacy, Our Future… I want to transform the culture of Chicago SAG-AFTRA members to a heightened state of camaraderie, glamour, and ambition reminiscent of our guilds founding members in Old Hollywood where we all began. Elect me and be part of creating tradition and installing yourself in a tinseled legacy.

Organizing… Socialize! Strategize! Organize! I’m flipping the tables on traditional unionizing and organizing. I want us to rally together like they did in the olden days from organizing broadcast shops to promoting unity in and out of the office to rallying together to fight right to work for less legislation. That idea-making chemistry happens when we wait together on set, when our neighboring crews overlap at the bar, when we run into old friends with new friends at the cafe, when we hang out. If you’re a modern day Hemingway, Dali, Streep, Oprah, De Niro, or Scorsese, it’s time you’re seen and heard. Chicago is no moveable feast, but it waits to be defined by artists as distinct as Ernest, and as observant as Fitzgerald. I invite you to raise a glass to mine and organize.

Negotiating Contracts… The highest form of service we can contribute is during contract negotiations. I’ve had the  honor to have served 4+ weeks on the 2017 TV/TH negotiating committee. In that time I’ve increased the power and leverage of members in our bargaining relationships with industry employers through my service. I’ve added value, perspective, insight, innovation, and extremely futuristic thinking to the committee discussions and proposal work. I’ve given late hours into the night and my best writing abilities to draft legal documents that’s ignited committee minds. It fills me with great esteem and confidence to have represented the Chicago local elegantly, articulately, and powerfully.

Successfully Enforcing Contracts… I endeavor to play a larger part in enforcing our strong contracts and securing meaningful legislation and regulations for employers that protect us and serve our interests. Working with staff, industry members, other locals, and national governance in a smart and effortful manner are only the beginning stages.

Getting Members More Money… I understand an entrepreneurs volatile capital and it’s accompanying challenges. I’ve already written out detailed action items which include waking up membership to their money, where to find more, how to manage debt and extra capital, and everything fiscal. I want us to be in as stable a financial position as is possible. I’m committed to growing the wealth of any member who is interested in multiplying their capital and providing these resources through our union network.

A Visionary Leader… My travels, conversations with other presidents from LA to NY, board service both locally and nationally, committee work, and negotiating this multi-billion dollar contract have strengthened the foundation I’ve built. The foundation I’ll stand on to further serve the Chicago constituency over the next two years.

I stand on my strongest attributes to lead our local into the future with the elegance of an actress, vision of a director, strength of a woman, and the surgical-quality strategy of a negotiator. This is the alchemy that will define my presidency: the millennial style with an old-world touch.

In Closing… I know how hard it is in this business. A new day inflates your hopes with possibility only to deflate as the day closes. When the morning breaks you rise again, determined to succeed. I admire your strength, tenacity, and dreams. While everything about the world may discourage you, I stand here to support you.

You’ve now observed the themes which structure my two year plan. So if you don’t mind an innovative and savvy millennial president, I invite you to join me in strengthening our lives, our careers, and our connectedness. What I ask, is the chance to try as your next president. 

In Solidarity,

Natalee Arteaga