Inside the Intellectual Property Business

When I write a script I'm creating Intellectual Property, which is a category of property that includes intangible creations of the human intellect and imagination.

It has immense value.

  My written stories are legally defensible property of mine that I own and control the rights to. Additionally, my writings possess untold worth their resulting films could manifest.

My words are my assets.

A script option is when I loan the value of that asset to a producer, who is now in control of its potential.

  • Of the three major unions in the entertainment industry, the DGA directors guild, WGA the writers guild, and SAG-AFTRA the actors guild, it's writers who are the freest creatively and financially. Actors and directors rely of many people, lots of scheduling, coordinating, monies acquired and spent, and all kinds of other myriad things falling into place in order to do the work that fulfills them. There is absolutely nothing stopping a writer from writing save him or her Self.
    Our value is also not in giving a glowing performance or governing the erection of a film, it's in something entirely untouchable. Our value is assigned to something literally created out of thin air!

Inception of the written page is a very special stage in the process of filmmaking.

  The gossamer state of what could transform into another entity entirely should it be nurtured appropriately.