Chicago SAG-AFTRA Board Member 2015 – 2017


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  • Co-Chair, Chicago Government Affairs and Public Policy Committee (GAPP)
  • 1 of 39 nationally to serve on the 2017 TV/TH Negotiating Committee
  • Brought a stuntman on to the local Chicago board
  • National Convention Delegate, Los Angeles
  • Chicago Federation of Labor Delegate

Chicago SAG-AFTRA Board member 2017 – 2019


  • Co-Chair, Government Affairs & Public Policy Committee (GAPP)
  • Alternate, National Performance Capture Committee 2017 – 2019
  • Brought a stunt double on to the local board
  • Reconstituted the Chicago Stunt & Safety Committee, November 2017
  • Committee on Committees, Ad hoc
  • SAG-AFTRA / IFP Chicago Committee
  • Chicago Federation of Labor Delegate

I believe in organizing. I believe in fighting for fair wages and working conditions for all of us who entertain and inform the world. We deserve compensation, respect, and assured safety on and off the set. It’s an honor to be an artist and support my brothers and sisters.

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