Saving the World


Update 20th February 2019:

  • New information on entering the free AIT program in which you workshop a script while learning the Arteagan ways is here on the website! Happy reading!  

An Arteagan is (a philosophy, social club, & boutique as well as) a type of artisan recognized by their stark individualism, super-creativity, and uncompromising integrity. We are a closed network of individualists all over the world who understand, respect, and support each other in upholding our pledges to Truth, Integrity, and Doing Good. Our goals are simple: Elevate humanity by living a life of Integrity as a bold example to all who meet us; create the highest caliber of art possible; and save the outer world after saving our inner world with Ikigai. Arteagan are plucky, talented individuals who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, and courageous enough to try.  

As The First Arteagan, I invite you to join me in Saving the World.




By joining my club of artists, blue-bloods, union workers, craftspeople, homemakers, managers, heirs, and all others who have pledged to Uphold Truth and to Do Good. By achieving your own personal state of Ikigai living a meaning-based life of Integrity. By accepting artistic missions to create Masterpieces.


There are no monetary "asks" of members. What we ask for is loyalty and to speak The Pledge every day and honor it in every aspect of your life. That when you are faced with any situation that compromises Truth, Goodness, or your Integrity, that you will choose to do the next right thing.


Discipline is honoring a commitment you made long after the desire to honor it has left you. This pledge is only for those who have reached the requisite state of self-mastery and bravery required to be effective in Saving the World.


Those not yet ready for this commitment or to live out these standards in your life, but who hope to be some day, you are a Watcher.

Watchers, however, cannot attend The Big Party.


The Big Party is the one occasion once a year you will be summoned to attend as an Arteagan in Training (AIT) or an Arteagan. It's a three day weekend that serves as a pat on the back through congratulatory celebration of all the Art we have created, other Members we have aided, personal victories in achieving Ikigai, and the Righteous Battles we've won in our attempts to Save the World. Each year will be a different location and agenda, both kept secret, with free transportation, food, and housing provided for all Arteagan.

The three days of respite also serve as consoling support of each other in honoring the suffering and hardships we've survived the past year.

We simultaneously celebrate the gains we've made in Saving the World as well as Dedicate Our Suffering to our Noble Cause instead of becoming too maudlin at the loss, failure, disappointment, fears, and setbacks that come with Upholding Truth and Integrity and Doing Goodness.


Upholding Truth and Integrity, completing Missions and Masterpieces, Doing Good and the Right Thing takes moxie, gumption, and stones. As an Arteagan, you have spent a long year making morally correct choices and suffering setbacks, reduced income, smear campaigns, loss of previously cherished relationships that have not held up against Integrity Testing, and sometimes have even suffered direct antagonistic attention from the titans of Greed and propagators of Evil.

However, within the network of the Arteagan, you have also spent the long year being (sometimes secretly and) staunchly supported in all ways: socially, online, in business or  even financially by other members. While anyone can apply, not everyone is accepted. Saving the World is serious business and a mission that cannot fail.

This club is for Noble Souls Only... And once you are vetted and accepted, you are thereafter referred to as,

"One of Ours".

And you will receive all the unlimited benefits of your free membership.

How to Begin

Steps 1, 2, 3
  1. Speak the Arteagan pledge out loud when your will has aligned with the Universal and your intent is True.
  2. Create a profile here on this website and join the community of other artists who have aligned with the same vibration of Integrity.
  3. Download the Member-Elect ME AssessmentME Cover

    Print, fill out, and email to within four weeks of registering on

  4. Sit tight, we'll be in contact shortly!

In the meantime, enjoy this slideshow about the process of becoming an Arteagan™ ^_^

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The Arteagan Pledge of Allegiance

I choose to use my Freedom to Do Good, and to be protected from harm while I'm Doing It.

I choose to live in Truth with a noble heart, full of gratitude, creativity, and compassion.

I choose to pledge my allegiance to these ideals of Goodness and Truth, and to do my part in manifesting and protecting them here on Earth.

This is what I choose. Thank you and So Be It.


The First Big Party will commence Friday June 29th, 2019!